Valhalla Motorcycle Club Nebraska

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valhalla, in norse mythology, is the hall of slain warriors.

Valhalla Motorcycle Club was established in April 1985 by five friends that shared an interest in brotherhood, respect, motorcycles, riding and Norse mythology.  We are a three piece full bottom rocker club proud to support the Red & White.  We are not fair weather or weekend riders, we are bikers 24/7/365.  We are not a gang, we are your neighbors and co-workers who pay taxes and support our families like millions of other Americans.  After making sure our other priorities are in order, our time is spent promoting our club events and supporting our friends.


Following strict motorcycle club protocol when it comes to choosing our members, we are not for everybody and not everybody who tries makes it.  We place strong emphasis on quality opposed to quantity.  Respecting all, brothers with few, every hangaround, prospect and member is in constant communication to form the ultimate brotherhood.


To find out more about us, send us an e-mail through the “contact us” page and one of our members will get back to you at his earliest convenience.  If you are technologically challenged, you can always come and talk to us any time we are out and about.